Bastian Stevens and Niels Onstenk

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Bastian Steven: All the way from one of the smallest countries of the world, the Netherlands! His debut album, Disconnected, is “A soulful-jazzy pop album with songs about life and connections between human beings. A reflection of today’s world and some very personal, dark and sunny times”.

From 2010 till 2015, Bastian was the lead singer of The New Vintage Soul group ‘Dear Mr Man’. After 2 albums, a lot of shows at the coolest venues in the Netherlands, support act of the bands ‘KANE’ and ‘De Dijk’ and their music being used in the 2015 tv-commercial of Hooghoudt Jenever, it was time to fulfill the next dream: a solo project.

"Little over a year into writing I knew I was on the right track when I met my friend and guitar player Niels Onstenk. We started working on the songs together. Niels has got everything I don’t have and visa versa. I am a storyteller while Niels can really zoom in. He has the ability to push me as an artist. What he brings to the table, his musicality as a guitar player and songwriter is unbelievable and priceless to me. Niels has graduated the Conservatory of Utrecht with a rare A+. In 2013 he was elected ‘best guitarist of the Netherlands’.

2018 has been an amazing year because it was the year where we, with a group of friends, have been building our very own recording studio. Our little world within a world, where we can experiment and record freely without worrying about meeting deadlines. Now we have enough material to fill way more then one album. A collaboration with Chris Kooreman (Beat Royalty Group, LA) followed. At the time we are busy recording the songs and hope ‘Disconnected’ will be finished in the last months of 2018."

Bastian Steven
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Niels Onstenk
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Performance Schedule

Saturday, October 6th
Century Center (on the island)
Full Day Cost: $15.00 advanced | $18.00 at door