Sam Que

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Sam Que - host and performing a show at the festival jam session - No-holds-barred’ is certainly one way to describe Sam Que’s (pronounced /kay/) sound. Que’s acrobatic and musical style, has secured him a spot in the region’s music scene. His sonic signature is a staple of the energetic Spanish Rock band, Lalo Cura. He is playing is also heard in the straight-ahead jazz group, The Dean’s List and blues-rock band, James Neary and The Bevy Blue. In the pursuance of Gospel-chop based grooves, the quintet aims to find the limits of original works and standards while exploring the complexities of improvisation. In his first venture as bandleader and debut at the South Bend Jazz Festival, he is joined by Rafael Chavez y Moreno (guitar), Brendyn Cane (keys), Khalin Diggins (bass) and Khamron Diggins (drums).

Sam Que
Sam Que Quartet - Youhualli
Sam Que Quartet - My Favorite Things
Performance Schedule

Saturday, October 6th
Vegetable Buddies, 129 N Michigan St, South Bend, IN
Free for festival attendees | $5.00 for non-attendees